Our Background

BRISAMAR S.A. was founded by Jorge Alberto Brisighelli in July 1991, who has run the company along with its vice president Carlos Alberto Andiarena, bearing a great maritime know-how as their main asset. Even if Mr Brisighelli has run the company since then, he has been related to the maritime business as from 1973 working for Buenos Aires, Bahía Blanca and Necochea ports.

At the beginning, our aim was to provide a full-time service by keeping in contact with our customers as well as keeping them posted with the latest news 24 x 7; for this reason, all the operational staff are provided with VHF radios and internet service at home in order to be permanently communicated with the vessels at Necochea roads, ship-owners and/or charterer, agents, exporters and/or importers and all the intervening parts that make up the operational chain of the vessel since its arrival, upload or download and departure.

Brisamar S.A. has created a management system for documents which allows us to send the requested documents to our customers within 48 hours since the departure of the vessel. As well, the company has created a billing system which allows us to bill the vessel within 30 days as from its departure.

All the developments mentioned above, have made BRISAMAR S.A. grow in a sustainable way becoming a leading company assisting almost 60% of the vessels that have reached Quequén port since 1992.

After the grounding of the Star Luck in May 2005, we were appointed as maritime agents by one of the top salvage companies of the world called Smith International.

Since 2007, we have provided maritime services to dredging companies such as Baskalis International, B.V Argentine branch and Jan de Nul N.V, which is currently performing the maintenance dredging of the port after signing a three-year-term contract entered in March 2015. Furthermore, we work as sub-agents of the main agencies in Buenos Aires and, since 1992, we have become agents of the tugboats company RUA – Remolcadores Unidos SAM.

Considering the latest challenges in terms of the market competitiveness, BRISAMAR S.A. is committed to permanent staff training and international certification, proof of this commitment is that we have obtained the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate by Bureau Veritas on January 2016, which enable us to keep at the top of our activity meeting all our customers’ needs with excellence.

We associated to the Navigation Center in 2005 and our president, Jorge Brisighelli, has become the Director of the Management of Puerto Quequén on behalf of the ship-owners since 2008.

Our services include ship agents, custom house forwarders, stowage contractors, loading and downloading management, surveys, bunkering supply, water supply, gas free certificates, spare parts, crew assistance and any other service related with the maritime business.